About us

About us



Founded in 1994, CHEIRÓN a.s. is today a leading company in development, production, import, export and service of medical equipment and it is well known in more than 50 countries.



The company's product portfolio consists of product lines of international award winning electrical suction units VICTORIA, portable suction units DYNAMIC complete range of jet suction sets and accessories, aerosol and oxygen therapy devices PEGASUS, oxygen humidifiers etc.



The professional management of all processes in CHEIRÓN a.s. is one of the tools we use to achieve our objectives. The Quality Policy is defined in CHEIRÓN a.s. so as to ensure compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of our customers and the applicable legislation. Since 1999, CHEIRÓN has been controlling all its processes in compliance with the requirements of standard EN ISO 13485. The safety and quality of the supplied medical devices are guaranteed by observing also all other related legal and technical regulations.

CHEIRÓN a.s. holds certificates issued by a certification company on the basis of external audits of the CHEIRÓN a.s. processes.



Distributor leadership

To ensure maximum availability of products and services CHEIRÓN a.s. has established a number of local offices all across the Czech Republic and it is creating a powerful network of international distributors worldwide. In order to keep tight contact with our customers we meet our clients and business partners regularly at several international congresses and trade fairs, e.g. Medica - Düsseldorf, Zdravoochranienie - Moscow and Arab Health - Dubai.

The complete range of all our products is presented on our web site enabling direct order placing.


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