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General terms and conditions of sale and Delivery


All deliveries of CHEIRÓN a.s. are subject to the following terms of delivery only. No other terms and conditions will be effective unless made in writing and signed by CHEIRÓN a.s.

Prices: Our prices are stated in EURO, EX Works CHEIRÓN a.s., Plzeň, Czech Republic pursuant to the Incoterms of 2000 including packaging. Installation, insurance and placement are not included.


Delivery time: Every effort is made to ensure goods are received by the purchaser in the agreed terms. These terms are not binding. No contractual obligation liability is accepted for loss or damage arising of our delays in delivery. Any special requests regarding packing, marking the products and the supply accompanying documentation must be exactly defined in your order.


Quotations: All quotations will be valid for duration quoted on the quotation document and no longer. In the absence of any quoted period this should be deemed to be 30 days.


Limited warranty: The following warranty is given in lieu of and to the exclusion of any other warranty or condition either expressed or implied by statute or otherwise. All goods manufactured by Cheirón a.s. are warranted free from defect in workmanship or material when subjected to normal conditions of use but no warranty whatsoever is given that the same will be fit for their intended purpose under abnormal conditions whether of temperature, humidity, pressure, stress or otherwise howsoever. Goods delivered hereunder which shall be considered to be defective in workmanship or material and returned by the Buyer within 24 months from date of delivery carriage paid will, if found to be defective on investigation by Cheirón a.s., at Cheirón's discretion be replaced or repaired free of charge and returned to the Buyer carriage paid by Cheirón. We grant 6 years warranty from date of shipment on the aggregates used in suction units Victoria range (Portable, Versa, Thorax, Lipos), provided that the same are operated under conditions of normal use and that periodic maintenance and service are performed. Cheirón accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of defects caused by incorrect installation,accident, misuse, neglect or wear and tear, and any attempt to strip, repair or modify any unit prior to return to Cheirón a.s. will invalidate the warranty.


Orders: Telephone orders must be confirmed to the CHEIRÓN a.s. in writing within 7days. When ordering products, the buyer must state name and reference number as stated in the CHEIRÓN's Export price list.


Shipping documents: Buyer is obliged to check all the information contained in price offer, proforma invoice, final invoice and AWB if correct and according to his will. Any discrepancy should be notified to CHEIRÓN a.s. within 3 working days from the receipt of the mentioned documents. In the lack of notification, the above mentioned documents become operational at all effects and the customer will be held responsible for all type of consequences caused by any wrong information contained in them.


Change without notice: Prices, quotation, specification and all other terms and statements appearing in any catalogue or advertisement for CHEIRÓN a.s. are subject to change without notice. CHEIRÓN a.s. reserves the right to make changes in any time without any obligation to change product previously purchased or to supply discontinued or obsolete item.


Claims: Upon receipt, each shipment shall be inspected for defects, damages and completeness. Any claims for shortages, damaged products or non-conformance of products with the order must be made in writing within 10 days after receipt of shipment, and CHEIRÓN a.s. must be afforded an opportunity to investigate.


Force Majeure: CHEIRÓN a.s. shall not be liable for any delay in delivery, or failure to deliver, due to any cause beyond CHEIRÓN's control. In the event of any such delay the time for performance hereunder otherwise granted to CHEIRÓN a.s. shall be extended for the full duration of the delay and for a reasonable time thereafter in order to permit performance hereunder.


Indemnification: Buyer agrees to indemnify and not hold CHEIRÓN a.s. responsible for all claims, demands, obligations and liabilities, including attorney's fees, for injuries to and death of any person and loss of or damages to property whosoever owned.


Payment terms: Unless otherwise agreed, CHEIRÓN a.s. terms of payment are payment in advance or when buyers ordering for more than 35 000 EUR. CHEIRÓN a.s. can agree on payment by irrevocable and confirmed L/C. Conditions of L/C must be agreed before its opening. Funds must be available on sight at counter of domestic bank acceptable to CHEIRÓN a.s. with presentation of shipping documents. Any L/C not meeting the above requirements are unacceptable and will require amendment at buyer's expense before CHEIRÓN a.s. acceptance. All banking, handling, advising, negotiating and transfer fees are for the buyer's account, separate and apart from amount of transferred funds. When paying in advance the payment must be one week before date of delivery on our bank account.


Shipping risks: CHEIRÓN a.s. ensures safe packaging, but any breakage or damage during shipping is to the charge of purchaser. If buyer requires insurance, he must notify it with order.


Applicable law: Buyer submits arbitration procedure by the Arbitration Court with the Czech Chamber of Economy and Agriculture in accordance with its regulation by three arbitrators. If the arbitration court declares it is incompetent in the particular matter, each party can appeal to a court in the Czech Republic that is relevant from the regional and process point of view.

 All deliveries of CHEIRÓN a.s. are subject to the General terms and conditions of sale and delivery as posted at


Buyer takes the General terms and conditions of sale and delivery into account and agrees with them.


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